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Madrid production, Bajarse al moro, by Alonso de Santos


Plays from Spanish

J. L. Alonso de Santos. Going Down to Marrakesh. Staged, University of Missouri-Kansas City. 26-29 March 1992. Dir. Francis Cullinan.

---. Hostages in the Barrio. Staged readings, Bridge Theater, Miami, winter 1996, winter and fall 1997. Dir. Steve Wise. (Alternate title: Hostages in Hialeah.) Selected scenes performed at American Translators Association 50th annual meeting, New York City, 30 October 2009; presented by theatre dept. of Pace University, Manhattan; dir. Ruis Woertendyke.

---. Visiting Hour. Performed 23 October 2010, Society Hill Playhouse, Philadelphia; in conjunction with annual meeting of American Literary Translators Association. Dir. Michael Durkin. Scheduled for September 2018 staging by Rogue Theatre, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, in conjunction with Door County Medical Clinic during Suicide Prevention Month.

Antonio Muñoz de Mesa. Policy (La visita). Staged Rogue Theatre (Sturgeon Bay, WI) November 2014. Dir. henry C. Timm, with Loa Devillers and Stuart Champeau. Revival: Sturgeon Bay and Ephraim, September 2015.

Itziar Pascual. Holiday Out, staged Cabaret Theatre (New Brunswick, NJ) and Ohio Wesleyan University, April 2002. Dir. Michael Schlick.

Itziar Pascual. Castaways/Varadas, staged at Josephinum Academy, Chicago, Jan. 30-Feb. 8, 2020. Dir. David Fehr.

Itziar Pascual and Amaranta Osorio. Little Girl, My Little Girl/Mi niña, niña mía. Performed in Zoom reading by B8Theatre, Concord, CA, April 17, 2021. Dir. Michele Apriña Leavy.

Jaime Salom. Bonfire at Dawn. Text for simultaneous translation of performance, GALA Hispanic Theatre, Washington DC, 6 Feb.-7 March 1992. Dir. Hugo Medrano.

Plays from French

Jean Bouchaud. Is That How It Was? (C'était comment déjà ?) Staged reading. Origin Theatre, New York, 6 May 2013. Dr. Kimberly Faith Hickman.

Jean-Paul Daumas. The Elephant Graveyard. Staged reading, 6 December 1998, New Jersey Repertory Company, Long Branch. Dir. Cindy Carver.

Eduardo Manet. Lady Strass. Staged Ubu Repertory, New York, 1-20 October 1996. Dir. André Ernotte.

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