The Color of August, A Night Divided, and The Voucher. Pace Downtown Theatre, Manhattan. 5-8 December, 1991. Dir. Timur Djordjadze.

The Color of August, A Night Divided, and The Voucher. Script in hand series. New Jersey Repertory, Long Branch. 9-10 May 2004. Dir. Lindy Regan.

The Color of August. Loose Change Theatre Company, London. 5 & 7 March 1992. Dir. Tessa Schneiderman.

The Color of August. Staged reading opening scene. Session on Women Translating Women. SUNY-Binghamton, June 1989.

The Color of August. Staged reading, Applause Books, New York City, 9 June 1998. Dir. Christopher Mack.

The Color of August. Excerpt performed by Leslie Anderson, Converse College, at the regional Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, Middle Tennessee State University, 5-9 February 1997.

The Color of August. Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne. 29-30 March & 4-6 April 2002. Dir. Betsy Breitenbach.

The Color of August. Reed College. 3-6 October 2002. Dir. Kevin Hodges.

The Color of August. Ten-minute excerpt. Undermain Theatre, Dallas Texas. Program of short readings from several international playwrights in celebration of World Theater Day, 27 March 2003.

The Color of August, Newton Theatre, Sydney, Australia. 4-29 December 2007. Dir. Mark Clearly.

A Night Divided and The Voucher. Staged reading West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds. 29 March 1997. Dir. Roxana Silbert.

A Night Divided. Lyric Hammersmith Studio Theatre, London. Festival of the Short Play. 7 April-3 May 1997. Dir. Liza Forrell.

A Night Divided. Penn State University Pavilion Theatre. Estreno Symposium. 20 September 1997. Dir. Mark Fearnow.

The Voucher. Staged readings by Loyola Drama Students, Loyola University, New Orleans; students and/or faculty at Ohio Wesleyan, Colgate and Union College, September 1997.

Alone Tonight. (A Night in the Subway). Lower Depths Theater of Loyola University, New Orleans. 9-10 December 1997. Dir. Paola Ruiz de Pellón.

The Voucher and A Night in the Subway. Staged reading, Borders Books, East Brunswick, NJ. 25 August 1998. Dir. Eric Ruffin.

A Night in the Subway. Bronx Community College Theatre Workshop. November 2000. Dir. Christopher Mack.

A Night in the Subway. Philip J. Levin Theater, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. 12 December 2003. Dir. John Donnelly.

A Night in the Subway. Staged reading. The Reader's Loft. Green Bay, Wisconsin. 24 October 2015 by Rogue Theater: Lola Devillers and Stuart Champeau.

A Night in the Subway. Tallahassee Hispanic Theater. 2nd Annual Theater Festival. 21-22 June 2019. Dir. Lanny Thomas.

Ana 3/11. &Christopher St., 12-20 August 2006. Dir. Anjali Vashi. Also: The Kraine Theater, East 4th St, NYC, 28 November-22 December 2006.

The Voucher (dir. Beverly Canell) and Tonight in the Subway (dir. Jerry Seiff). The Naples Players at Sugden Community Theatre, Naples, FL. 14 September 2008.

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