MAMIHLAPINATAPAI, a brief, poetic monologue
Character: Kippa: Last mother of the Yámana tribe
Place: From the stern of her canoe (called anán in the Yaghan language), speaking to her son.
Time: 1871.

Mamihlapinatapai, a word in the language of the indigenous Yámanas of  Tierra del Fuego, is identified  as "the most succinct word in the world"; it is considered one of the most difficult terms to translate. It describes "a look between two people, each one of whom hopes that the other will begin an action they both desire but that neither  is moved to initiate."
Mamihlapinatapai. Exchanges (on-line journal of literary translation). Fall/Winter 2016.


Pascual (b. 1967) figures among the growing number of young women playwrights in Spain who are reaching audiences primarily through university and small fringe theatres. Various of her works have been awarded prizes and appear in important collections of plays by younger authors.

MEOWLESS (Miauless)

An adolescent girl befriends a homeless cat and persuades her mother to let her keep it. While the girl rebels against her off-stage parents, she fails to heed the young veterinarian's warnings about Meowless's need for independence. Comic short play, divided into several scenes, that reveals adolescent and cat psychology.

2 male and 2 female roles (including 2 actors who portray cats).
No set required; scene changes may be established by props and lighting.

Performed at Royal School of Dramatic Arts, Madrid, 1997, dir. Natalia Menéndez, and at University of Murcia, 1998.

HOLIDAY OUT (Postcard from the Sea) (Holliday Aut (Postal de mar)

2002 staging, Cabaret Theatre, Rutgers University.
Director Michael Schlick, actress Georgina Richardson
(Soledad), author Itziar Pascual.


Soledad is just returning from a week's vacation only to discover that her suitcase has not arrived at the airport with her. In the ensuing monologue, divided into various scenes with different interlocutors, she goes through feelings of loss, moments of indignation and rage, and even finds herself accused of smuggling. Her typical bad vacation experience is both comic and poetic, and at times philosophical.

1 woman. No set. Minimal props.

Holliday Aut (Postal de mar) was first performed at an international festival of fringe theatre in Madrid, 1996. Dir. Adolfo Simón. It has been revived numerous times in Spain. Premiere of English translation Cabaret Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ, April 2002.


Ten short scenes relating to the question of political exile and refugees. Each scene features two women characters, usually of contrasting ages or social class. Some roles could be doubled.

20 female roles: 4 elderly, 6 middle-aged, 8 young, 2 teenage
10 settings, each of which may be suggested by minimal props.

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Castaways (Varadas), performed in Madrid and directed by Victoria Panigua, 2006. Photo by Eduardo Sánchez de Rojas.


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