ANA 3/11 (Ana el once de marzo), by Paloma Pedrero

Pedrero views the horror of the March 11, 2004 terrorist attack in Madrid from the perspectives of four women whose husband, sons or lover have been injured or killed in the bombing of the trains in Madrid. The several episodes variously reveal reaction to the television coverage, futile attempts at reaching a missing person by cell phone, anxious waiting in the hospital, and, in the case of an elderly mother, the rejection of a charitable effort to keep her from learning the truth about her son. The name "Ana" shared by three of them reinforces the common suffering caused by the slaughter. Relecting the fact that many of the victims that day were immigrants headed to work, the fourth woman is a Romanian whose limited knowledge of the language does not prevent her from understanding the pain of her potential loss and that of the Ana with whom she waits in the hospital.

5 women and two offstage voices (1 male, 1 female)
4 locations, which may be suggested with minimal props
American English-language premiere: August 2006. Dir. Anjali Vashi, New York City.

Published in ESTRENO Plays, STAGING TERROR: MADRID 3/11. Plays by Ana Diosdado, Paloma Pedrero and Yolanda Dorado. Translated by Karen Leahy and Phyllis Zatlin. 2007.
Spanish premiere: 11 March 2005 (the anniversary of the terrorist attack), Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.

Ana 3/11, performed in New York and directed by Anjali Vashi. KK Moggie as Ana 1. August 2006.

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