Left: Carolina Bustamante as NN; Gracia Morales as the Forensic Scientist
Right: Carolina Butamante; Jorge Molina as the Older Man


NN 12
By Gracia Morales
17th Annual SGAE Theatre Prize

A forensic scientist confronts the task of identifying the remains of a dozen skeletons found in a mass grave. After explaining the assignment to others in her crew, she begins her examination of NN 12, a woman without a name. (NN comes from the Latin term Nomen Nescio.) Her investigation, witnessed by the ghost of the deceased, involves solving a mystery with the help of DNA. The skeleton is soon linked to Esteban, a young man who has been looking for his biological parents. Never returned to his maternal grandparents, he was raised in an orphanage. As the investigation continues, Esteban learns how his mother was assassinated after his birth in prison, where she was repeatedly raped by a military officer whom he confronts. The remains of the mother will finally be given a burial by her son and relatives, whom he now met. But the scientist must begin solving another mystery from the mass grave.


Two women, both in their 30s.
Two men, one aged 27 and the other aged 62.
There is also an offstage voice of a third woman.

SINGLE SET with two playing spaces:
A forensic laboratory
The older man’s home

          The space in this home expands until it overlaps the laboratory.
TIME and PLACE are unspecified. Action takes place over several weeks but could happen in any country where people were taken from their homes, disappeared, and ultimately found in mass graves.
NN 12 received its world premiere at  Teatro Calderón de Motril  by Remiendo Teatro of  Granada, Spain, on July 3, 2009. under the direction of Juan Alberto Salvatierra. The original Spanish text was published by SGAE in 2010 in the collection teatroautor. The English translation is as yet unstaged and unpublished.

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